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Kunshan GuangKun Machine Co.,Ltd.& Kunshan GuangQi Mold Co.,Ltd. is the one of the best machine components supplier of Kunshan, it’s based on the Kunshan economic development zone, and focus on Suzhou and Shanghai. It has good transport facilities, such as Shanghai-Nanjing railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 312 National Road.

    公司整体占地面积一万八千多平方米,建筑面积一万多平方米,拥有两栋标准厂房Our company covers an area of 18,000㎡, construction area of more than 10,000㎡ square meters, with two standard workshop.

    公司拥有深孔钻加工群、大型龙门铣磨加工群、液压导轨磨床等先进的加工专用设备,技术力量雄厚,制造工艺先 进,检测手段科学,加工能力强,是华东地区生产热压板的专业基地,可为用户设计制造各种标准和非标准规格的热压板以及模具板,包括用于木材行业的热压机和橡胶行业平板硫化机上所用的热压板;PCB多层层压机、CCL覆铜板压机所用的高精密热压板等。,产品符合国家GB5856-99标准,最大规格为12000mm×2550mm,最小尺寸不限。公司以雄厚的技术力量、完善的设备、先进的工艺和齐全的检测手段,生产出优质的产品,畅销全国各地以及欧洲和东南亚地区。

Our company has deep-hole drill press unites, big milling-grinder machine unites, hydraulic-guide grinder machine, advanced professional processing equipment, strong technology power, advanced handcraft, scientific measurings tandard, high processing ability. We are the hotplaten production base in East-China. We can design all kinds of standard and non-standard hotplaten and mold platen. Including used in curing machine of rubber industy, the high-precision for PCB multi-layer laminated, and CCL-layer laminated.The product conforms to the national GB5856-99 standard ,The biggest specification is 12000mm×2550mm,Most light-sized does not limit 。The products deliver to different areas in china and export Europe and South-east Asia.


We would like to supply excellent product, competitive prices, best service to our customer, welcome our partners to visit us and give us more good suggestions and solutions. 

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